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Scott Berry – Mt Olympian of the Month

Congratulations to Scott Berry, our Mt Olympian of the Month. Scott is an integral part of CrossFit Mt Olympus and is much deserving of this honor. Scott is currently retired but spent the last 35 years as a successful attorney. Although he is … [Read More...]


July’s Mount Olympian of the Month–Marni Timmerman

At CrossFit Mount Olympus we have a couple of goals/mottos, one of which is "win at life".  The exact meaning of "win at life" is different for every person, but nearly all definitions involve having the physical and mental energy to do things that … [Read More...]


Spotlight on Allison Matern, June’s Mount Olympian of the Month

It's amazing what a dedicated person can do in just a year. The photos above were taken almost exactly 365 days apart. Can you guess which one is the most recent?  In 12 months Allison has met her goals-including dropping 30 pounds-and more.  The … [Read More...]

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Veteran’s Day WOD with Warriors

WOD with Warriors Salt Lake City, Utah

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